2. February 2018 - 8. April 2018
f³ – freiraum für fotografie
Berlin, Germany

Kriegskinder unearths the memories of those born in the time of National Socialism in Germany, understanding the experience of the Second World War from a child’s perspective. The project, by photographer Frederike Helwig, is a portrait of a generation whose memories will soon disappear with them. Portraits of the “Kriegskinder” are contrasted with narratives of their childhood experiences. The project explores who they are today and how those early experiences have shaped them and thus their country. Through personal portrayals, it looks more widely at how the past influences the present, and emphasizes an importance in opening up a dialogue between generations. This is fundamental to our understanding of the world today.

"Only through critical self-reflection can we come to understand the long-term impact and prevent further suffering and injustice. Dialogue means doing something for ourselves, for our families, and our society; it means opposing the inhumanity of the National Socialists with something deeply human. It is time to mourn together—to mourn what the National Socialists did to their victims, to survivors as well as to their offspring, and, in the end, to mourn what they did —even if altogether incomparably—to their own children and grandchildren."

Alexandra Senfft